Company Introduction

[Product Description]

I Rappol Calming Wash&Shampoo capcity 500ml

Completely clearing fine dust and bodily waste!
Silicon, sulfate not added. 3 in 1 multi-cleanser for FACE. BODY and HAIR.
It tends your skin into smooth and shiny skin without stimulation by the help
ofhypoallergenic sub-acidity formulas.

[Product Features]

Free from noxious ingredient. Trustful prescription

—Paraben/steroid/minerd ol/abohol/silcon Oll/artificial pigrnent/artificid scent
—Hypoallergenic sub—acidity wash. sulfate not added prescription. natural surfactant included
—Skin soothing. moisturizing. antibacterial. relieve skin eruption,skin wall regeneration
—Strengthening skin autogeny by including natural vegetable herb and NMF(Natural moisturizing factor)
—No skin burning! Relaxing effect of lavender arorna thærapy
—Can use single deanser as sharnpoo, body cleanser and face cleanser
—Relieves itchiress and tritation due to dry skin, grants Ester and smoothness
—Product corT1posed Of natural ingredient that is usable for children and pregnant women

The Nature Medics' RapopOL brand.
It's a safer and more persistent product. The researchers, mom and dad, have spent more than a decade researching and developing their own two children suffering from atopic dermatitis. In addition to natural ingredients, skin science is added to the quality of derma cosmetics that anyone can trust and apply, eco-friendly cosmetics used by the whole family, and it is the purest cosmetics that can be used comfortably from newborn to pregnant women without worrying about harmful ingredients.
It is distinctly different from products made of cheap raw materials that mimic natural cosmetics.
If it's a natural ingredient that's good for your skin, even if it's expensive, I've put it in plenty.
The infinite vitality of herbs, herbal ingredients, berries, mushrooms, etc. from pure natural and western nature, and energy of natural herbs keep dry and itchy skin moisturized to breathe the skin and restore the collapsed skin barrier. You have completed the entire skin clinical trial.
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      Less than 100 million (KRW)
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